Soultion description: Marketplace for Emergency Distribution of Supplies (MEDS)

Status: released
Website page:

MEDS is a platform based on Virto Commerce that connecting suppliers with organizations in need of supplies is a distribution (not a marketplace) format.

What problem MEDS does solve?

The situation​

At a time when the world is facing a shortage of COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE), many municipalities, governments and non-commercial organizations work hard to facilitate the optimal distribution of PPE across front-line healthcare facilities battling the COVID-19 virus​

The challenge​

Considerable work is required to accomplish this: registering and verifying suppliers and receiving organizations, collecting information about their proposals and orders, sorting orders and mapping them with proposals, supporting collaboration, informing on orders and proposal statuses, etc. ​

Results in​

  • Huge labor efforts, a lot of manual work​
  • Low transparency for all parties​
  • Mistakes and lost information​

MEDS is the solution​

  • Suppliers and customers create their accounts and put proposals and orders to the portal​
  • Non-profit organization verifies accounts, register counterparty information manage their statuses​
  • Non-profit organization verifies orders and update its statuses in real-time making it available to requester immediately​
  • Non-profit organization manages the catalog so that all requests are delivered in a structured format​
  • Non-profit organization employees can manage all data via Online Excel so that can work in a famous interface; while admin panel is also available;​

Results in:​

  • Saving a lot of labor for all sides​
  • Absolute transparency for all parties​
  • Reduce errors, information loss, and leaking

MEDS portal is available on the demo environment by request.

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