Virto Commerce high-level roadmap

Virto Commerce high-level roadmap tells about general vision and explains the directions we are going to extend our product in the future.

We see four general dimensions of Virto Commerce product

Virto Commerce as a part of a digital commerce ecosystem

  • Developing the trusted ecosystem of recommended specialized solutions around Virto Commerce
  • More options for collaboration with AI services
  • Integrating with AI engines for recommendations and personalization​
  • Integrating with smart pricing solutions​

Out-of-the-box e-commerce solutions for quick start

  • B2B portals​
  • B2B2C marketplaces​
  • Matching market solutions for non-profit and government organizations
  • Loyalty portals for manufacturers and retail
  • Vendor portals

Virto Commerce productivity

  • Enrich functionality for online marketing
  • Enrich PIM functionality
  • Improve e-commerce content management functionality
  • Improve enterprise readiness

Virto Commerce as a customer digital gateway

  • Extending channel gateways: chatbots, micro-front end, other
  • Enterprise headless API for high load business scenarios
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