Weekly News Digest - 17 Aptil 2020

New Releases :package:

Virto Commerce 3 - RC5

How to install:

  1. Remove previous VC3
  2. Clean all Virto Commerce modules from modules folder
  3. Install RC5 platform
  4. Start and install modules from admin ui
  5. Restart platform
  6. Update nugget packages in custom module to latest pre-release

Change Log:

  • Fix No Localization on Search (#1827).
  • Fix string to translate.
  • Fix multivalue, dictionary dynamic property storage.
  • Make TenantIdentity.Empty to be the expression-bodied member property instead of static field.
  • Allow to run the platform in the production mode only on Http schema.
  • Add AllowInsecureHttp setting to PlatformOptions to be able to turn off https requirement for OpenId.
  • Added extra layer of protection against incorrect file paths.
  • Remove private assets definition for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Design, Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools to allow migrations for dependent modules.
  • Actualize module.ignore.
  • Add caching for ChangeLogSearchService.SearchAsync service.
  • Fix bug when import roles and users that have the already exist names but different ids.
  • Read api_key from headers as well as from query string.
  • Update StackExchange.Redis 2.0.601 -> 2.1.28.
  • Сreate a container in Azure with permissions as blob (#1817).
  • Add ApiKey.IsActive flag check in authentication handler.
  • Fix 401 error when try to access to some API methods without JWT token.
  • Fix bug with inability to remove all user roles.
  • Extend AbstractTypeFactory with the new TryCreateInstance method that takes two parameters.
  • Add check for root folder when uploading asset from URL.
  • Add more verbose error to AbstractTypeFactory.
  • Add UI for manage user Api keys and export/import.
  • Do not allow users with Customer role login into platform.
  • Fix logo.svg 404 for linux. Renamed Logo to logo. (#1801)
  • Fix bug with roles import/export: Unregistered permissions not exported.
  • Upgrade swagger to 5.1 to eliminate bugs with presenting enums.
  • Fix: don’t upload a file to the root (#1799).
  • Identify property by name on property value list blade instead of id.
  • Add lock user action.
  • Fix bug with backward compatibility when user.permissions are always empty.
  • Fix bug with permissions saving for a new role.
  • Other compatibility fixes.

Virto Commerce Modules 3 - RC5

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