How to use Docker Virto Commerce Platform v3 container with HTTPS

Last week we released VirtoCommerce Platform v3 Linux Container.

Virto Commerce Platform v3 uses HTTPS by default. HTTPS relies on certificates for trust, identity, and encryption.

In this article, we describe how to use Docker Virto Commerce Platform with HTTPS self-signed development certificates.

  1. Create local folder {your_local_folder} for Docker files.

  2. Download and extract to crated folder.

  3. Generate certificate and configure local machine:

dotnet dev-certs https -ep {your_local_folder}\vc-docker\linux\platform\https\virto.pfx -p {your_password}

dotnet dev-certs https --trust

Replace {your_password} with a password.

  1. Navigate to {your_local_folder}\vc-docker\linux\platform end open .env file in text editor.

  2. In DOCKER_PLATFORM_CERT_PASS={your_password} replace {your_password} with a password and save changes.

  3. Execute docker-compose up -d to build and run containers.

  4. Verify in the browser, open** localhost address and configured port, https://localhost:8091.

You can change mapped addresses inside docker-compose.yml.