I need to develop a new integration with Virto for my project. How can Virto team help me?

Feature name: Integration
Readiness: high
Development Effort: low

The basics

Virto Commerce is an API-based enterprise e-commerce platform that is used by many enterprises and mid-size companies around the world to support their e-commerce strategy.

Looking at solutions that are built on top of Virto we realized that quite many integrations, even if we talk about integration with the same software, are quite custom in every project so that there is no way to generalize it into some unified integration module.

We also see that enterprises are usually looking to use middleware for integration and don’t accept point-to-point integrations expecting it as a bad architectural practice. That would also be a reason why we see the simplicity of a middleware integration as a key and would like to invest in it rather than in point-to-point integrations.

On the other hand, we are aiming to reduce the cost of development and time to market for our implementation partners as much as possible.

These 3 reasons drive our decision making regarding the developing of new integrations.

You need an integration. How can Virto team help you?

The first thing that you should do is to contact your account manager or, if you don’t have the one, contact us by using the email address in the “Contact us” section on the website https://virtocommerce.com. Although any other ways to reach us out are also valid ))

To accommodate your request, we can provide the following options:

Virto implements a simple integration

This is related to simple connectors that might be re-used by many other customers without any significant customization.

This might be:

  • integrations with popular payment providers
  • integrations with popular shipment providers
  • integrations with popular tax provider
  • integrations with simple but popular business applications that have well understood usage scenarios so that every company uses it in the same way
  • this integration should be aligned with our (internal) roadmap and requirements should be clear for us

We would discuss it with you and see if we have the opportunity to deliver it in the timely manner.

Virto implements enablers that simplify your custom integration

We are aiming to reduce the cost of development and time to market for our implementation partners.

In case you see that we can deliver some general enablers that would reduce the cost of development of the integration with some popular solution (ERP, for example) we are ready to discuss the implementation scope.

In case the integration is aligned with our plans we would check the implementation scope and verify if it can be delivered in the timely manner.

Virto connects you to the partner that has already done this integration

We would try to find out if any of our partners would be ready to share with you the experience or code of a similar integration.

You may contribute the code that you have already implemented

If you have already done the integration yourself you may wish to contribute the integration code to the platform aiming to pass the support responsibility for its maintenance to the platform team.

That is also possible in case the integration might be interesting for many other customers, be used without any significant changes (resolve common scenarios), be aligned with the main architecture principles, and covered with tests.


Enterprise Integration in Actions
Why integration with Virto Commerce would never be a problem?


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