If we start a new Virto project is this the best way?

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Hello, we are starting a new project with Virto and this seems the most relevant theme. We can manage with different Front technologies and we are happy with vue but we have to be sure that this is your recommendation before the start.

Q : Why MPA and not NUXT?

A : The main reason why we chose MPA is the ability to continue to use existing storefront functionality and have mixed mode to inject JS components into pages that are rendered on the server-side along which the many useful features that are difficult to reuse in other frameworks. Also, here are other things that influenced our decision:

  • Because of power ASP.NET Core (web security, Web API, routing, authentication and authorization, middleware, .NET and C#)
  • Theming, theme resource inheritance, end-users templates Liquid, static content management, and WEB CMS elements
  • Multi everything (store, currency, languages)
  • SLUG routing
  • SSR for essential for SEO Liquid pages (sing in, reset password, product page, products browsing)
  • Out the box Authentication/Authorization
  • xAPI (graphQL) integration

Q : Do we have to modify the code of the template or we can extend the template (like wordpress themes for example)?

A : The starter theme is designed for do any customization via direct theme code changes, you can feel free to edit any theme resources within your solution.

Q : We will probably need to do a lot of custom things in our app, is better to start from scratch communicating to the API from Virto or extend this template?

A : To answer this question need to dive into your context in more detail. Anyway if you have a plan to build eCommerce the many eCommerce domain things can be reused and be taken from the existing theme.

I would like to recommend you to use these project branches for your new project: Keep in mind that these projects are under development.

Recommended storefront version:

vue-starter-theme/dev - The next generation of starter theme that located in dev branch. This version is absolutely different from the version in the master that built with using https://www.storefrontui.io/ semantic UI components and new composition-API VueJS instead of vuex state management.
https://vst-storefront.develop.govirto.com/ - live theme demo

Storefront 6.0 (beta) - The version of a storefront that fully adapted to work with VirtoCommerce xAPI (graphQL) and doesn’t contains any eCommerce business logic (host for themes with crosscutting things) and can be used as binary without direct code changes in the custom projects.