Multi sites / multi store

Feature name: Multi sites / multi store / multi theme
Readiness: out-of-the-box
Development Effort: low


Virto Commerce is a multi-store e-commerce platform by design.

It is possible to run multiple different stores (web sites) on top of Virto Commerce. Each store (website) might have its own theme with a specific layout still being based on the same catalog and customer data.

It is possible, for example, to create sites with a different design for different product categories still having all products in the same backend.

Another option is to create different sites for different regions so that a specific product set will be available to a specific region, is still based on one product data.

It is also possible to connect Virto Commerce to multiple touchpoints so that customers will get a real omnichannel experience.


Storefornt and Web Touchpoints


Multi sites, multi-store, multi-theme