News Digest - 5 April 2021

New Features

Design System for Virto Commerce Admin UI (Preview)

Virto Commerce Team announced a Design System for Virto Commerce Admin UI.

Admin UI is designed and built based on two main concepts as below:

We started with Components Design and Figma designs of how components look. View on the figma

It should help the designer to learn Virto Commerce Admin UI, build their own admin interface and present it to the business before development.

Added Distributed lock to avoid a database race condition on multiple platform instances initialization

Virto Commerce added Distributed lock for modules initialization process and applying database migrations to avoid running into a race condition when the multiple database migrations are applied at the same time when the platform is running on multiple instances (when scale-out enabled).
It is Redis-based (Redis should be configured). Code inside WithDistributedLock runs sequentially between instances. Available from Platform 3.52+

Improve performance by replacing JsonConverter

Universal PolymorphJsonConverter was released to improve the performance of JSON transformation. It was optimized for performance. Available from Platform 3.52+.

Friendly From name for email notifications

Default store settings are extended with Display Name for Sender email. It allows you to configure Friendly Name for email notifications.

Available in Store module 3.17+, and Order, Notification, Subscriptions.

Added Password expiration policy and settings

Added new settings which allow configuring password expiration policy IdentityOptions:User:MaxPasswordAge. By default, not activated.

If you set up, the customer will be informed in 5 days before expiration. And then Virto Commerce platform will force to change the password.

Added full breadcrumbs property to XAPI product request

Added full breadcrumbs property to XAPI product request.

Added user login as part of Application Insight request properties (as Auth id field)

Distributed Storage for Virto Commerce License

  • Moved licence provider from file system to Blob Storage implementation.
  • Backwards compatibility: clients using the old licence.lic file system implementation will stay on it after the platform update until they reactive their licence
  • Public key was moved from file system to embedded resource to further remove FS dependency

New Releases :package:

vc-platform v3.52

Distribution lock

• Add a distributed lock for migrations applying (#2185) (670548b)

Password policy

• Update Password checker to match AspNetCore.Identity options (#2201) (8e537c1)
• Prevent working with expired password (#2199) (ba46fd8)
• Add password expiry warning to UI (#2197) (3220705)
• Enable password changing for current user (#2195) (4aadd82)
• Configuration of password expiration policy (#2193) (021a9ec)

Users search API enchantment

• Allow searching users by their roles (#2194) (28db2a9)

vc-module-cart v3.16

vc-module-catalog v3.38

  • Fix product association management UI

vc-module-experience-api v1.1

  • Remove redundant clearCart mutation argument

vc-module-pricing v3.19

• UiScroll template bug on *nix envs (839a553)
• remove call to BuildServiceProvider (c283b93)

vc-module-store v3.17

• Fix searching for stores by FFC IDs (#73) (2e31cc8)
• Add StoreNotificationSenderUnitTests (#70) (1b0cf08)
• Add names fields for store emails (#74) (7851ecd)

vc-module-dynamic-expressions 2.13.5

  • Fixed cart condition at least N items of a category are in shopping cart not applying correctly

vc-module-notification 3.14

• Change email validation to allow pass email addresses with recipient name (#76) (6168a4a)
• Fix usageFix icon (d59449b)

vc-module-subscription v3.11

vc-module-order v3.27

• Use Email with name in notifications (#225) (55aadb6)

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