What are the main B2B eCommerce features provided by Virto Commerce?

B2B accounts structure

  • organizations
  • brunches
  • contacts that can relate to multiple organizations and branches
  • multiple users for one contact
  • user may relate to multiple organizations

B2B accounts pricing

  • price lists can be assigned to the organizations so that all users inside get the same pricing
  • price lists can be assigned to brunches
  • unique (contract) prices for each B2B account
  • multiple price lists per account with priorities and partial intersection
  • volume-based pricing

B2B account-based catalog management

  • physical and virtual catalogs, categories, or products account-based availability management
  • products available can be managed for organizations and brunches

B2B marketing management

  • promotions and discounts can be accessible to users based on their belonging to an organization or a branch office.

Enterprize level permissions management on the back end and front end

  • flexible permissions management for the customer user; for example, one user that belongs to the organization can only put a product to the cart, the second one creates an order, and the third one - pay for it.
  • flexible permissions management on the backend that allows securing sensitive commercial information by making it available to appropriate roles only

B2B inventory and warehouse management

  • multiple fulfillment centers with flexible settings
  • availability for a customer to select warehouses to work with for each particular order
  • near-real-time inventory management that secures ERP from overload and provides actual information for the customer


  • requests for quotes workflow allows managing quoting process efficient
  • opportunity to create a unique customer experience in the most complicated B2B scenarios

Direct integration to customer’s procurement system and B2B marketplaces

  • headless eCommerce allows your customers to connect their procurement automation with your eCommerce directly via API
  • integrating with vertical-specific B2B marketplaces


Virto Commerce feature list


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