Email marketing campaigns in Virto

Feature name: Email marketing campaigns in Virto
Readiness: ready for integration
Development Effort: low


We see Virto Commerce as a part of the enterprise digital ecosystem where the customer can attract the best in the class application for each business area. We don’t believe in the quality of products that try to cover everything with one application.

We don’t see email marketing campaigns as a part of Virto Commerce product: our focus is e-commerce. At the same time, we understand that customers need email marketing campaigns.

Being API based solution Virto Commerce can be easily integrated with one of many available qualitative applications for marketing campaigns. It is possible to find a suitable solution for any purpose and budget.

We know that Virto was already successfully integrated with many such apps, so we inspire you to select the one that is best for your business and doesn’t hope to find a “silver bullet” application.


VIrto Commerce feature list


Multi-lingual, multiple languages, localization