Feature: Product associations export and import

Status: Design
Feature name: Product associations export and import

Existent “Product associations” functionality allows linking a product with multiple varieties of associated products that are available for the storefront as lists of related products.

So, it is possible to create many linked product lists for each product: frequently bought together, accessories, similar products etc.

The current out-of-the-box solution allows a business user to update these relations in UI only. This limits the usage of functionality. The suggested feature is purposed to resolve this problem.

US1 (Manual) As a system admin, I want to upload associations for products to exact Association Group by CSV or by xls file so that these relations were registered in the system.

How to demo: Create a new Associations group and upload associations for 50K products. Then show imported associations in product records in admin UI. Then show that other association groups were not affected.

US2 (Manual) As a system admin, I want to delete all associations in the Association Group easily (not one-by-one), so that I can upload new associations to the “clean” group.

How to demo: Delete all associations in the Group. Then show that products don’t have associations for the group anymore.

US3 (Manual) As a system admin, I want to export all product associations related to the Association Group by using Generic export so that I can then modify it in Excel and upload it back.

How to demo: Many associations should be created in the system in some Association group. Downloads relations to csv or excel file with the structure, that is required for associations uploading.

Some minor changes in associations UI are also required: filtering associations for one product by Association Group, change column name “Type” => “Group”