Virto Commerce Cross-Selling & Up-Selling & Product Relations

Drive your sales and reduce marketing spending with the upselling and cross-selling features. Easily define specific product relations to present customers with recommendations.

By grouping your products into sets you allow your customers to browse through shop-the-look collections.

Watch your sales soar by offering bundled products that can only be bought together.


You can easily establish product associations that let your customers see recommendations of products they might also like, to encourage cross-selling.

View live demo on B2B-Store-Product Page Demo

In Back Office, you need to add product associations with the Related Items group.

For frontend developers, Rest API and GraphQL (XAPI module should be installed) are available.

Rest API

POST /api/catalog/products/associations/{productId}



To up-sell items, you can build a set of suggestions to offer upscale product versions or additional fixtures to maximize the cart value.

Note: Dynamic Associations module should be installed

In Back Office, you need to add dynamic product associations in Marketing Module.

Demo - Rule-based product associations; a marketing tool for product dynamic associations:

For developers, Rest API is available.

Rest API

POST /api/dynamicassociations/evaluate

Product Relations

Product Relations let you define a list of items that will be displayed as comparable or additional products. This is especially useful to crossand up-sell products to increase the average order value and maximize sales. You can choose to either use Virto Commerce condition rule builder to manually define relations or import the information from an external source