Bundling of products

Hello VC Team,

I wanted to know Is there any bundling feature available in Virto Commerce Platform where we can create a bundle, then add products into it, and add a custom price to the bundle directly?

Shubham Dhanetia


To create a bundle you can use:

1. Using Associations

  1. Create a new product, fill information, price and etc.
  2. Add a new Associations Type: Bundle.
  3. Add Associated products.
  4. Change Add to cart (or Create an order - prefered) logic, when we add the product with Bundle Associations. Add related products to the cart (order) with the right quantity and zero price.

2. Configurable products (In-progress). Should be done in this quarter.

  1. We are working with a new product type Configurable products which allow creating parts via Admin UI and etc.

Here some screenshots:


Thanks for the response, So even if we go with the 1st option (Using Associations), we would need code changes in both Liquid UI Template and Catalog Module to work with the bundle?

You will need to extend only either Cart or Order module.
Maybe liquid files, if you want to display the information about a bundle.

Thanks, Olego, Is there any reference where we can find the related customization that can be used for the bundling feature.

And for the second point (Acer desktop set example), can you share the link for this

You can find how to manage associations:
How to manage Virto Commerce Associations | Facebook
Overview - Virto Commerce

And the right place to customize the logic here:
vc-module-order/CustomerOrderBuilder.cs at 2fc4b7b90bd5e8308c92f2add6bfdc4a94d0ce7e · VirtoCommerce/vc-module-order (github.com)

With Extending domain models - Virto Commerce

you wrote:
And for the second point (Acer desktop set example), can you share the link for this
I will inform when we publish it on the Public Demo

Thanks, @OlegoO.

I have a question regarding customizing the logic in the method PlaceCustomerOrderFromCartAsync that you suggested.

If I do modifications to the current code of the order module, then would I be able to take updates from this module in the future?
Is there any better way to modify the existing method so that I can also take the updates easily without breaking anything? Can you guide

Please follow this guide
Extensibility basics - Virto Commerce

We have added a new product type: Bill of Materials - News Digest - 19 April 2021.

Thanks @OlegoO,

I will check that out.