Weekly News Digest - 21 Feb 2020

New Release :package:

vc-platform v2.13.59

  • Application Insights Telemetry extended with User Identity context information and X-Response-Time (#1787).

vc-module-order v2.17.30

  • Customer data now accessible in order email notification template (#131)

vc-module-pricing v2.18.13

  • Filter prices by applicable pricelists to optimize evaluation (#77).
  • EvaluateProductPrices() now fetches prices from applicable pricelists only (instead of fetching all product prices for applicable products). This might reduce the evaluation time when there are lots of pricelists.

vc-module-cart v2.17.2

  • Fix: Add a coupon and remove a coupon should work (#51)

vc-module-catalog v2.23.33

  • Fix: propertydictionaryitem api response type (#324)
  • Fix: get image url (#321)
  • Make image name editable (#325)
  • Remove parents from index search (#322)

vc-module-inventory v2.13.9

  • InventoryInfo stream import fix.
  • Filter fulfilment centers by ID.
  • Parameter itemsPerPageCount: value increased.

New Topics :paperclip: