Weekly News Digest - 15 Nov 2019

New Releases

:boom: vc-platform v2.13.53

  • Most platform dependencies were updated to the latest minor version. (#1719)
  • Newtonsoft.Json was updated to 12.0.2. (#1719)
  • Fix for runtime settings save. (#1651)


  • CustomerReview: CustomerReviewService service refactored to follow best practices

vc-module-content v2.13.11

  • Fix 404 error when upload zip with theme

vc-module-javascript-shoppingcart v1.1.3

Various improvements for javascript shopping cart experience (#14):

  • Cart content form added with “Checkout” and “Clear cart” buttons and ability to edit product count and clear content;
  • Cart widget with item count added;
  • Notification popups when products are added to the cart;
  • Checkout form design upgrade;


Coming Products

CMS Landing Page Builder

GUI Editor to allow marketing teams to quickly build landing pages.

New Topics

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