Weekly News Digest - 20 Mar 2020

New Releases :package:

vc-platform v2.13.61

  • Supported environments variables when reading email gateways settings (#1805)

vc-module-store v2.13.11

  • Added server-side filtering and proper loading for fulfillment centers in Store\Advanced properties blade (#28)
  • Fixed incorrect condition in stores search by available FFCs (#34)

vc-module-customer v2.14.25

  • Added organizations search to AngularJS API resources (#81)
  • Added a possibility to extend search criteria (#78)
  • Described Advanced filtering in the readme (#80)

vc-module-core v2.25.34

  • Added CategorySearchCriteria.WithHidden property (#152)

vc-module-catalog v2.23.34

  • Supported sorting by ‘relevance’ in products and categories search (#334)
  • Inactive categories are excluded from search results by default (#332)
  • Added API endpoint for delete products or categories by the search criteria - POST /api/catalog/listentries/delete (#331)

vc-module-marketing v2.17.9

  • Supported promotion grouping by priority when calculating rewards in Stackable policy. Now each priority promotions are calculated in independent iteration, which allows previous rewards results to be used in lesser priority conditions. (#81)

vc-theme-default v2.1.5

  • Default sorting search results set to ‘by relevance’ (#140)
  • Fixed absence of image in cart search results (#141)

New Topics :paperclip:

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