Weekly News Digest - 15 May 2020 - New-coming releases

New Releases :package:

Virto Commerce 3 - RC6-preview002

How to install:

  1. Remove previous VC3;
  2. Clean all Virto Commerce modules from modules folder;
  3. Install platform;
  4. Start and install modules from admin ui;
  5. Restart platform;
  6. Update nuget packages in custom module to latest.

Change Log in short:

  • Documentation updated;
  • Swagger/OpenAPI compatiblity improved;
  • CI tools improved.

Virto Commerce 3 - Modules

There are following modules were released:


The VC Storefront theme is demonstrated typical out-of-the-box B2B Portal that being a part of the Digital Organic Transformation (ODT) strategy and built using Liquid templates, Vue.JS web progressive framework and Bootstrap CSS with elements of Web CMS.

vc-module-inventory v2.13.10

Add PUT “api/inventory/inventories” endpoint for batch update (#55)

vc-module-customer v2.14.28

Bug fix

vc-module-quote v2.13.0

  • Actualize module dependencies (#13)
  • Fix autorest generation error (#14)

New Topics :paperclip: