Weekly News Digest - 6 Dec 2019

New Topics

New Releases

vc-storefront-core v4.1.4

  • Dependency minor versions updated. (#355)
  • Fixed bug when a store-related user can log in to another store. (#353)
  • Fixed coupon appliance by category condition for nested category. (#310)
  • Fixed list name appearance. (VirtoCommerce/vc-theme-default#114)

vc-module-core v2.25.30

Fixed possible generated sequence key duplication on multiple platform instances by optimistic concurrency algorithm. (#970)

vc-module-azure-search v1.2.0

  • Updated Microsoft.Azure.Search library from 3.0.4 to 10.0.1. (#7)
  • Updated some VirtoCommerce dependencies. (#7)

vc-module-order v2.17.27

  • Fixed order prices visibility for an administrator with order permissions. (VirtoCommerce/vc-platform#1616)
  • CalculateTotals now properly resets all totals in an order. (#115)

vc-module-catalog v2.23.31

  • Ability to use external images in a product without uploading it to the storage. (#279)
  • Bug fixes. (#296)