How to fast supply to VC support service the Platform Information Details

In case of problems with the Virto Commerce platform, it is very important for a support service to have detailed information about a state of a system at the end-user side (client). That is, which version of the platform is used, which specific modules of which version are installed and client license information.

VirtoCommerce allows you to create the file with platform information in a few clicks. To do this, click on Platform Information link at the bottom of the sidebar menu and click Download manifest in a header of a blade that opens. See the gif below.

The contents of the file are information in the JSON format. This can be attached to the description of the issue in the FreshDesk system, or transferred via another channel of interaction with the support service.

You can also copy information as a simple text format as you view on the Platform Information page to the clipboard by clicking on the Copy button and manually paste it into a file or, for example, into a description of a problem in FreshDesk. But a more preferable way is to attach the file to the issue.