Improvements In Content Section Folder in Platform using pagination

We are using platform version 3.253.1. In prod, We have more than 50 stores. In the Virto Platform whenever I open the content it calls lots of APIs for each store like pages, lists, etc. Because of lots of stores, each store has multiple API calls after opening content it slow down the platform and storefront. All APIs start to fail and everything stops working after that. Sometimes whole server is down for a few minutes because of that.
So For Improvement, I think there should be some kind of pagination and search store in the content.
It won’t bring down the whole server if we load only 5 or 10 stores at a point instead of the whole 50 or 100 stores.

Thanks & Regards,
Koshal Garg

@Koshalgarg155 Hi! We have added a task to the next sprint. Thank you.