Platform Indexing Issue

I am facing an issue with the indexing of the platform. When I try to do indexing it always gives me the “Indexing is in progress”.

When I open hangfire and check the jobs for indexing, there are failed jobs with the error - “Hangfire.Storage.DistributedLockTimeoutException”.
In Processing Jobs, there is an indexing job that always shows in Progress.
Because of indexing job issues, we are not able to search on the platform. I have attached the screenshot of the failure and the Search Index Job from the Platform.
Please look into this and give some solution regarding this issue.
Platform Version - 3.253.3
Elastic Search Module Version - 3.208.0


You could not start the indexation process because the hangfire process is already running.

  1. I recommend canceling the current job and trying the indexation process again.
  2. Please review DB utilization, maybe DB is overloaded or some maintenances are required Maintenance Tasks for SQL Server - howto - Virto Commerce

@OlegoO Thank you for your response.

We canceled the current job and let the process restart but it takes forever to complete. This cascades the issue to the next run of the job.

What does this indexing job even do? We could not find any details in the Virto document. The log shows that Member Indexation was completed. But the search doesn’t return the recently created member organizations in search results. Also, it always shows thousands of Errors in hagfire job. Should we just delete and rebuild the index?

You wrote:

What does this indexing job even do?
It adds members to the full-text search index to provide a full-text search experience for customers and organisations. On the initial start, it should be indexation of whole members, then delta.

You can find basic information here Indexed Search - Overview - Developer Center (

Also, it always shows thousands of Errors in hagfire job. Should we just delete and rebuild the index?
Yes, try deleting and rebuilding the index for

Then, check that event-based indexation is activated, it prevents from update the index by the scheduler.

and try to increase or disable the Schedule indexing job by default every 5 minutes.

You can temporarily remove IndexingJobs.IndexChangesJob in Hangfire pannel. On the next restart, Virto Commerce will add it back.