Creating multiple index in elastic cloud

Dear Team,

The Virto-Commerce software is disrupting searches and synchronising by establishing several indexes under one alias. For instance, when constructing more than one indexes using the alias xyz-member-active, only one index will sync while the others display zero doc count. When we look for data on a platform connected to this index, search capability is broken.

We are utilising the product version listed below.

  • Virtual commerce: 3.253.3
  • Elastic Cloud version: 8.6.2

Let me know if you need more detail about this.
Thank you in advance!

Thank you for the information.

Do you know the reason for establishing several indexes under one alias?
Any steps on how to repeat it?
Did you run a full rebuild?

As a workaround, we can offer to remove duplicated indexes.

Hi Olego,

Thanks for reply!!!

We don’t know why Virto Platform is creating multiple index under one alias. That’s main issue for us.

We have try to check log for finding pattern, but no luck for reproduce the issue. It is automatically creating.

What did you mean by full rebuild? Should I delete all indices from elastic search and rebuild from virto platform?

Let me know, if you need anything else.

Virto uses an alias for blue-green index rebuild.

Did you run a full index rebuild before the issue?
Do you see any error in the hangfire panel?

we have run full index rebuild multiple time.

@chirag-sharpcode please check this PR

PT-11694: rewrite index swap to atomic operation by ksavosteev · Pull Request #51 · VirtoCommerce/vc-module-elastic-search (

@chirag-sharpcode Any feedback?