Weekly News Digest - 25 Oct 2019


  • vc-module-elastic-search v1.2.1 supports Elasticsearch 7.x only. Please upgrade (install) Elasticsearch 7.x before upgrade.
  • Added event-based indexation to catalog, customer, price and inventory modules. Plan update of all these modules together with vc-module-core.
  • vc-module-core v2.25.29
    Disable background indexing job by default.


  • We combined all Virto Commerce 4MULTI features in one list.
  • We published set of Videos to clarify how to deploy Virto Commerce.
  • vc-module-platform v2.13.52

4MULTI Topics


New Releases

vc-module-inventory v2.13.6

  • Added Event-based indexation #40
  • Fix widget width #36

vc-module-pricing v2.18.9

  • Added event-based indexation #64

vc-module-catalog v2.23.27

  • Added event-based indexation #287
  • Load links for variations #286

vc-module-customer v2.14.23

  • Added event-based indexation #63

vc-module-javascript-shoppingcar v1.1.0

  • Actualized implementation and documentation. (e2656d6)
  • Minor bug fixes. (a7a5ddb)

vc-module-elastic-search v1.2.1

  • Starting from this version we support Elastic Search 7. The previous versions aren’t supported. (#7)

vc-module-core v2.25.29

Disable background indexing job by default #135

vc-module-platform v2.13.52

  • Replaced flags with culture codes in property blades labels in all places. (#1635)
  • Fixed localization problems after auth token expiration. (#1538)
  • Runtime settings are shown in settings blade. (#1643)
  • ApplicationInsights uprgaded to 2.11.0. (1155a2d)
  • Enabled CORS support. For security reasons it should be used explicitly for specific controllers/methods.(31c4e8e)
  • Replaced flags with culture codes for localizations. (#1635)
  • Gulp-sass version was updated to 4.0.2. (#1633)

Elastic Search v7 used starting from v1.2.1, not v1.1.0