How to create Architecture Reference Documentation

Purpose of this Guide

This guide is designed to help partners on what level of details needs to be documented as the architecture reference document.

This is not a template, but guidance on what needs to be included as content and topics.

What is the Architecture Reference Document?

The architecture reference document is a model that represents the E-Commerce solution created by the partner, and the relationship between Virto Commerce and other services (Sales-channels, Cloud, integrations, etc.).

The document can be created as a document (word, pdf) or a PowerPoint presentation.

Components of an Architecture Reference Document

  1. Services interacting with Virto Commerce (ERP, PIM, CRM and other E-Commerce services).
  2. Data connections, data layers, data services being consumed by Virto Commerce.
  3. Services used to control Security, Authentication, Users of the solution.
  4. Sales Channels, Storefronts, User Interfaces and other services interactions that expose Virto Commerce to the users.
  5. Integrations with Payment, shipment, tax providers.

A good starting point for the partner to build their Architecture Reference Document is Virto Commerce Architecture Reference in Azure.

Describe extended E-Commerce details

  1. Model: B2B, B2C
  2. Multilanguage, Multicurrency, Multistore
  3. Size of product catalogue
  4. Count of transactions per week

How deep the Architecture Reference needs to go?

The intention of the architecture reference is to show where are Virto Commerce components and how do they interact with the different E-Commerce services. It is not designed to assess the quality of the architecture but how it is leveraging the different services.

How to Design the Architecture Model?

The document can be created via multiple tools. If the partner doesn’t have a preference, we recommend using or Microsoft Visio as it has multiple stencils to support architecture models.


Virto Commerce Architecture Reference in Azure


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