Deploy Virto Commerce Storefront to Azure

Step by step instruction on how to deploy Virto Commerce Storefront from GitHub to Microsoft Azure.

Be sure to have Virto Commerce Platform accessible and running before watching this.

Hi Oleg, is there a way to get an Azure install verified? I’m new to this and have a few problems that I can’t rectify.

Regards, Matt

Hi Matt.

Microsoft announced that is deprecated and will be decommisioned on 10/1/2020. We updated azuredeplay, we are improving ARM template to use new schema. You can find more technical details here:

And step by step instruction with new buttons

Thanks Oleg
I’ve reinstalled the platform. Everything seems fine but it’s not asking for a password reset as per your video. I’ve tried to change the admin password but get a 400: bad request. Is this because no license is assigned yet?

Kind regards, Matt

I created internal issues to revert reset password dialog. We will fix it.

As a workaround, you can create a new custom admin user (custom login/password) and remove the current admin.

Thanks for this. Probably connected but impossible to delete the admin account after creating a new one.

Kind regards, Matt