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Hello, ive been playing around with virto and i have to admit im impressed with the back end functionality and also the modular design. Having a few issues with the front end finding the themes on v3. It appears that the theme data isnt being stored in App_Data no more and is being put into the wwwroot folder so the front end cannot find them. Im guessing this is coz of the shift to .net core. After playing around with it i can symlink those folders to run into more issues with lucene. Im just wondering if anyone has v3 rc2 up and running working with the front end as ive noticed the videos are based on the older .net version not the core for the VC platform. Thanks

Hi, to solve issue with lucene try to manually build index in admin.

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Hello, thanks for the helpful reply, that sorted that issue. Now a new error has surfaced.

Ive been doing some digging around and it appears its not generating the static files for production properly. After exploring the theme it appears its looking for VirtoCommerce:Storefront:OptimizeStaticContent to be true to gen the statics. But i cant seem to find tha value to set it in both the platform and storefront appsettings or its missing the dll’s from the project to do it on the build action.

For future help we need the additional info. Could you provide following information?

  • how do you run storefront: selfhosted or under IIS
  • provide screenshot with content of the storefront wwwroot and CMS-content folders.
  • connection strings from appsettings.json file
  • List item Regardless of how i run via iis or selfhosted i get the same error as stated in other post

  • List item storefront wwwroot Untitled

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Looking to your screenshots you are using the theme as source code and forgot to build styles and scripts as described in theme documentation

Otherwise, you might install the theme from release zip It already contains all script and CSS bundles.


LOL, im an idiot. Thank you for all the help. All working as it should be