Storefront integration with vc-platform3 on local Windows machine

Hi guys. I tried to follow the steps in documentation to run vc-platform3 and storefront on my local machine via Visual Studio 2019. vc-platform3 is running fine.
But Storefront initially showed a page that liquid engine cannot find themes and a link to correctly install and configure those themes. I followed Configure CMS Content storage from documentation
“ContentConnectionString”: “provider=LocalStorage;rootPath=~/cms-content”
and used the option 2
If you have already have installed platform with sample data, your platform already contains ~/App_Data/cms-content folder with themes for sample stores and you need only to make symbolic link to this folder by this command:

mklink /d C:\vc-storefront\VirtoCommerce.Storefront\wwwroot\cms-content C:\vc-platform\VirtoCom

Even after having the folders copied in hardcore manner (wwwroot\cms-content\Themes\Electronics\default) same error came. I think the default theme file is not getting processed/compile and hence I’m getting this exception: “StorefrontException: Theme resource for path ‘static/bundle/styles.css’ not found”
On running Storefront I got this error.
What have I missed and wronged?
Screenshot (13)|690x387


Did you build the theme? If you download them from the source, you need to build. Download the release package if you need the compiled version.

Same problem:
First time install - installation - Virto Commerce (

Silly of me to have got confused between using compiled version and source code version. I prefer using source code way to better understand the code and customise as per needs.
I would suggest to rather have a page on documentation that covers all virto-commerce platform, storefront and theme deploying on local machine from source code in Visual Studio so that other new enthusiasts might not face the same mistake as me.

Thank you for the feedback. We will plan to add this topic into docs.