Locations of Multiple Themes for Multiple Stores


I have azure pipelines and want to deploy multiple themes that can be applied to multiple stores, but I don’t understand the relationship between the storefront deployment and the configuration setting “VirtoCommerce:LiquidThemeEngine:BaseThemePath” and the Platform keeping the themes in AzureBlob storage

I have two azure app services - one for platform another for storefront,
I will have multiple stores - up to 6 stores
I want to have at least three themes - ODT, b2bProcurement and CustomDev

I want to deploy the themes from Azure Pipelines

Where do I deploy the themes?

  1. The admin-platform Azure Blob Storage configured by app settings:
  • Content:AzureBlobStorage:ConnectionString
  • Content:AzureBlobStorage:RootPath
  • Content:Provider
  1. Or the StoreFront - and into a path mapping there that is then added to the StoreFront Azure App Setting "VirtoCommerce:LiquidThemeEngine:BaseThemePath"

Thanks for your help in advance

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Here the base schema for content folders: Theme and Pages are root folders in Content folder.

More details in theme development

So, the storefront resolveы theme by current store and load theme files by path Themes/{CurrentStore.Id}/{CurrentStore.CurrentThemeName}.

This schema allows to host multiple storefront with own themes on same environment.

Virto Commerce supports two providers: Local Disk and Azure Blob Storage.

  • Local Disk is good for local development on single machine
  • Azure Blob Storage for production, because content can be shared between storefront and admin.

@OlegoO Thank you so much - that got me over the line :grinning:

my problem was : I was not linking my storefront’s ContentConnectionString (mklink) to platform - which was in the Readme of the storefront :man_facepalming:t4:

The diagram you shared, (which I have seen before!) was the clue - I just need to spend more time carefully reading doco and Readme

Only thing is, now using wwwroot instead of App_Data

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