VirtoCommerce platform v3

We get quite a lot of questions about the current status of Virto Commerce platform v3.
Here is a brief FAQ.

What is the current status of Virto Commerce platform v3?

Does “update” mean to develop a new project from scratch on version 3?

  • No, project update is limited and doesn’t assume re-writing an application; the update is about updating technology and testing the result.

Do you recommend start using Virto Commerce platform v3 on production already now?

Yes, sure.

What will change for Version 2 when version 3 goes to General Availability phase?

  • Virto Commerce platform version 2 becomes a long term supported legacy version
  • No new functional features or improvements in version 2
  • No more architectural improvements in version 2
  • Bug-fixing and platform support is still ongoing for version 2 to make sure that there is enough time for customers to update their solution without business value delivery interruption.

What will change for Version 3 when it goes to General Availability phase?

  • Virto Commerce platform version 3 becomes a master system for functional features and architectural improvements. We continue to actively invest in it.
  • All new customers use platform Version 3 for their eCommerce solution development projects.
  • Making updates of Version 3.X we DO guarantee the backward comparability of the last version 3.X with the previous 3.X version.

How can a customer update from version 2 to version 3?

  • It will be possible to update it by using update scripts and update guides developed by our team if the system was extended via Virto Commerce extension points.
  • In case of deep customization you will need to execute a project update using our update guidelines

When the Long-Term Support phase would be finished for the version 2?

  • It will happen in two years after the moment when version 2 officially becomes legacy (i.e. since the moment when version 3 gets to GA), i.e. version 2 will not be supported since the 1st of June of 2022.

When do you expect to start working on a platform version 4?

We are aiming to be technologically up to date and follow Microsoft, so we depend on Microsoft first of all. At the same time, we are aiming to reduce the number of updates and related efforts as much as possible. Since we do professional service ourselves we understand the pain.


I am excited to see the new V3 for General Availability - is it on track for the 15thMay2020 ?

Yes, looks we are ready. During the next week, we will update GitHub, sync with master branch and prepare other materials. But you can take this

We have released VC 3.0