Weekly News Digest - 20 Sept 2019

Release Notes

vc-module-export v2.2.1 (NEW)

We have released a new module to provide generic export functionality that allows export data from different modules. We have also implemented the new export functionality in VC Catalog and Pricing modules, enabling to export of different data objects like full catalog data, selected products, prices, pricelists and pricelist assignments.

vc-module-catalog v2.23.22

  • Generic export support for Catalog module entities: products
    (json/csv) and catalog full data (json).
    • Comma characters are escaped
      now in term values.

vc-module-order v2.17.25

vc-module-pricing v2.17.25


Visual Studio Templates (2015, 2017, 2019)

Create your new Virto Commerce extension/module promptly and with the recommended project structure.

Includes 4 templates:

  • Virto Commerce 2.x Module - Default project template for creating Virto Commerce module
  • Virto Commerce 2.x Cart and Order Module extension - A project for extending Virto Commerce Cart and Order models
  • Virto Commerce 2.x Pricing Module extension - A project for extending VirtoCommerce.Pricing module
  • Virto Commerce 2.x Customer Module extension - A project for extending VirtoCommerce.Customer module with new (Supplier) member type


Training Environment

It is a training module with individual developer environment on Docker containing Virto Commerce Platform, E-Commerce modules and a custom module. Can make module changes, rebuild and test.


Added a new sample CustomerReviews.Export - Generic export implementation for CustomerReviews sample module.


We are currently working on a Bulk Update functionality. It should greatly simplify catalogue management. The module should implement Bulk pattern as a core service and provide the ability to extend it with custom commands.

VC Team is planning to present the beta version of the product soon. We will inform about the progress.