Weekly News Digest - 11 Nov 2019

Productivity Tools

Virto Commerce C# Coding Conventions

  • Added new topics, changed styles.

vc-visualstudio-templates v2.3.1

  • Package references updated to latest modules and Platform 2.13.52

vc-dev-tools v1.0.0

  • Updated documentation.

Tools for automating routine Virto Commerce developing processes.


  • Mass clone and update from git repositories
  • Mass build for modules
  • Module, theme, storefront and common types of repositories supported
  • Multi-configuration support. Prepare independent configurations and switch between them easily.
  • Multi-branch support
  • Mass create symbolic links for Virto Commerce modules
  • Fast IIS Application Pool recycle

Coming Soon

  • Order WebHook Module - the functionality of a future webhooks module must be oriented to simplify the integration with other services (For example with Azure LogicApp)
  • Abandoned Cart program - send email notifications about the abandoned and expired carts.
  • Full-text search for Static Content

PS: Send us your feature requests here - https://community.virtocommerce.com/c/feature

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