Weekly News Digest - 9 Oct 2019


Release Notes

[Recommend] vc-storefront-core v4.1.1

  • Fix critical bug when the each cache key is contained result of GetHashCode() methods and the resulting keys were different in multiple storefront instances, that leads to not work of Hybrid cache mode introduced in 4.1.0 version #320
  • Performance enhancement for theme resources discovery when Azure Blob storage provider is used #287
  • Fixed bug with unexpected redirect to login page when the cookies are expired #292
  • Do not use status pages for Web API endpoints #291
  • Fix bug with redirection to a default store instead of requested for Login and Forbidden pages #307
  • Add support of fallback routing for SPA themes #317
  • Add Hybrid cache mode, this mode will use Redis server to keep in consistent state local memory cache of multiple storefront instances. To activate this mode need to set RedisConnectionString

[New] vc-procurement-portal-theme v1.0.2

The first release of a new VirtoCommerce Theme. This theme demonstrates the possibility of creating a procurement portal based on the VirtoCommerce platform.

vc-module-catalog v2.23.24

  • Allow to filter product associations by tags d527e78

vc-module-marketing v2.17.6

  • Made MarketingExportImport overridable and extendable. (#65)
  • Changed MarketingSearchServiceImpl.SearchPromotions logic when PromotionSearchCriteria.StoreId is null . (#62)
  • Revised paged search ordering in the module services. (#58)
  • Fixed bug in promotion coupon max usage limit calcualtion. (#60)

vc-module-cart v2.17.0

  • Added missed columns for persistent types #38
  • Performance enhancement: do cart deletion asynchronously in background task #36


  1. docker-compose project made as default startup project;
  2. resolved problem with copy files from local host to container;
  3. Docker file and InstallLatestModules.ps1 file moved to CustomerReviewsModule.Web folder;
  4. in Docker file:
  • folders creation merged in 1 RUN command;
  • removed step for downloading and installing vs remote debug tool (used remote debugger installed in local host difined in docker-compose.vs.debug.g.yml);
  • removed step for copy startup.ps1 script (custom enterypoint);
  1. in docker-compose.vs.debug.yml removed entrypoint (used default entrypoint from docker-compose.vs.debug.g.yml)
  2. Localizations added to CustomerReviewsModule.Web project