News Digest - 19 April 2021

:100: New Videos on Youtube

How to make an order in Virto Commerce (admin view) - YouTube
Inventory and product availability settings in Virto Commerce - YouTube
Typical quotation scenario in Virto Commerce - YouTube

New Features

Product with a Bill of Materials

Added new Product Type – Product with a Bill of Materials (system name “BillOfMaterials”):

  • The Track Inventory and the In stock values of the BOM product doesn’t affect the Product with a Bill of Materials
  • The Product with a Bill of Materials and the BOM products have their own price.
  • The product price doesn’t affect the Product with a Bill of Materials price.
  • The physical products on BOM level should not have their own price and own track inventory, they just represent links to the original physical products
  • Stores Physical and Digital products within itself. Internal storage mechanism – associations with a “BillOfMaterials” association type.
    *Products can be added, removed, searched by product name. Quantity can be changed. All operations are done via associations API.

Added Password repeat generation policy

As an IT Administrator, I should be able to set up the password repeat generation policy (Number), so that I can apply a strong password policy.

Added a new setting: “IdentityOptions:Password:PasswordHistory”. By, default 0 - deactivated.

Updated Visual Studio Module Template to 3.2

Virto Commerce 3.x Module Templates - Visual Studio Marketplace

  • Avoid calling BuildServiceProvider() in ConfigureServices
  • Remove redundant “Module” suffix from moduleId and other places in code.

Add Source Links to the ALL repositories

All NuGet packages for platform and modules are published with Source Link support. If the NuGet package supports Source Link the Visual Studio can step into its source code given an amazing experience in order to troubleshooting problems when you are using open source projects. We are planning a tech webinar with the demo.


Specify export provider config

Developer can change providers settings by passing an object to exportDataRequest.providerConfig in call of an ‘api/export/run’ endpoint.

        var csvProviderConfig = {
                type: 'CsvProviderConfiguration',
                delimiter: '^',
                encoding: 'windows-1251'

            blade.exportDataRequest.providerConfig = csvProviderConfig;

Improved JSON serialization

Custom converters were replaced with generic.

  • 23 modules reworked
  • Redundant converters threw out
  • Serialization improved

Improved size of modules by excluding redundant DLLs from the modules

There was a bug in vc-build. VC Dependencies of VC dependencies (1+ reference level) were always included in distributive zip.

Improved orders serialization in hangfire

The redundant serialization was removed to speed up the system and reduce the amount of stored data in Job Arguments.

Added Promotion Evaluation cache

Added 1-minute sliding cache to each reward result entry BestReward and CombinedStackable promotion policies.
Using PromotionSearchCacheRegion for all entries of reward results.


New Releases

vc-platform 3.53.0

• Set up user password repeat generation policy (#2209) (cfbba2c)
• Add integer validation for multivalue (#2206) (513de00)
• Add validation to integer type (#2205) (6694b0d)
• Fix eventHandlerRegistrar code (#2196) (a990fc6)
• Add new configuration settings to docs (#2203) (46467b6)
• Update PasswordCheckService.cs (#2202) (8b72090)

vc-module-store 3.16.0
• Fix searching for stores by FFC IDs (#73) (2e31cc8)
• Add StoreNotificationSenderUnitTests (#70) (1b0cf08)

vc-module-pricing 3.20.0

• Enable Source link support (e4c7150)
• Simplify EvaluatePriceListsAsync (#140) (a35b6e5)
• Changing, Changed events about Pricelist and Pricelist Assignments (#138) (b41d86e)
• Remove obsolete PolymorphicPricingJsonConverter (#135) (94cbc5e)

vc-module-order 3.29.0

• Fix: use abstract factory to create OperationLog instead of new (#230) (20a2ad7)
• Fix filter icon (935c200)
• Simplify options binding to configuration (#227) (95fe937)
• Fix: move order changes calc into the handle to skip orders serialization in HangFire job (#228) (38791a8)

vc-module-marketing 3.22.0

• Avoid possible key duplication in collections for context cache key (#141) (ebf65c3)
• Possible context cache key issues fix (#140) (7dde286)
• Enable Source link support (9ec8176)
• Remove obsolete RewardJsonConverter (#139) (22279f5)

  • Rename currency folder
  • Fix sonar issues

[vc-module-catalog 3.39.0]

(Release 3.39.0 · VirtoCommerce/vc-module-catalog · GitHub)
• Fix importers list blade (#498) (7ca9cfe)
• add productType to assocations when fetching product details (#497) (4563a57)
• Remove redundant options (#496) (3394062)
• Add Source Link support to all NuGet packages (#495) (795c65f)
• Bill of materials product type (#493) (ebebfbb)
• Remove obsolete SearchCriteriaJsonConverter (#494) (bb79335)
• Fix folder icon (0305875)
• Updating Github Action workflows. (25e1a18)

vc-module-cart 3.16.0

• Add cart validation (#80) (4cca7c3)

vc-module-dynamic-expressions 2.13.5

  • Fixed cart condition at least N items of category are in shopping cart not applying correctly