News Digest - 22 March 2021

New Videos on Youtube :100:

Virto Commerce extensibility with Event bus (Part 1) - YouTube
Virto Commerce extensibility with Event bus (Part 2) - YouTube
And more

New Releases :package:

vc-platform 3.50.0

  • Fix misspelling in Project information (ed7b357)
  • Update documentation details (019da1c)
  • Repair native ASP.NET password hasher pass to CustomUserManager (#2182) (df3a8c0)
  • Modify DetectUserChanges method (#2180) (3168f12)
  • Add override for FromChangedEntry to accept operationType (#2177) (d1a40dc)
  • Rework caching logic in order to avoid memory leaks for CancellationT… (#2168) (fa411d9)
  • Add IHasConfiguration interface for extending modules with configuration (#2173) (5e095c2)
  • Disable resend link when email changed and not saved (#2170) (ed2ee7f)
  • Preserve username for hangfire context (#2171) (495bc7b)
  • Add localization for permission (#2172) (aa58d89)
  • Regenerate SecurityStamp on email change; Define ApplicationDiscriminator (#2169) (4377be2)
  • Change verification status manually (#2167) (247028a)

vc-module-experience-api 1.0.0

Tasks list:

  • Allow to pass response groups as additional parameter in CartProductService.GetCartProductsByIdsAsync (4d199ee)
  • Remove IsInherited from AssetType (f729077)
  • Add name of variation to VariationType (fc658ff)
  • Fix product price validFrom/validTo dates values (67e66bf)
  • Add AddCartAddress mutation (#128) (80b64fd)
  • Make asset id nullable to avoid crash for inherited assets (7158553)
  • GraphQL schema extensibility (#134) (5bdd435)

Important changes:

vc-module-customer-segments 1.3.0

  • Allows to setup dynamic customers segments

vc-module-event-bus 1.1.0

The module enables you to be notified of new messages or changes via a Message Queue of your choice, for example, Azure Event Grid.

vc-module-cart 3.15.0

  • Improved performance
  • Skip database cart count request for most cases (#79) (66cb041)
  • Add the job for hard delete previously softly deleted cards (#78) (6a99c42)


  • Performance optimization: LINQless BlockConditionAndOr.IsSatisfiedBy (#179) (898d678)

vc-module-azure-search 3.8.0

  • Change Dictionary to Concurrent Dictionary (#18) (d4d3898)
  • extend module with IHasConfiguration (65bd95c)
  • Add sorting by relevance (#16) (108affd)

vc-module-catalog 3.37.0

vc-module-catalog 3.37.0

  • Fix variation assets indexing (#489) (13f09a7)
  • Add comment for itemAssociations binding (14c5a75)
  • Rebind changed underlying data with ui-grid (ff66bcf)

vc-module-inventory 3.16.0

  • Add fulfullment centers selecter directive (#85) (9d1d76a)