News Digest - 6 June 2021

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Measure elapsed times for domain event handlers

How to use Hangfire Enqueue operation

Introduction to Virto Commerce CLI tools

Build automation

Package management

How to run the platform on azure functions

BA Documentation

New Features

Order XAPI extended with Dynamic properties

Order XAPI extended with Dynamic properties.

  • Added querying of Dynamic Property values to Order, Line Item, Payment and Shipment types.
  • Can fetch info about Dictionary items.
  • Values returned only for the requested language.

  • Added mutations to update Dynamic Property values to Order, Line Item, Payment and Shipment types.
  • A clean model structure for a Frontend developer: name-value pair + “locale” for Multilanguage props.
  • Pass Id for dictionary properties.

Updated Design of Login Screen

Updated Design of Login Screen and Improved Fonts.

Improved Pricelist blade

Updated breadcrumbs

Added Localization of Country Name in Admin

  • Allowed to Manage countries in your language as localization file
  • Added Translations to German and Russian
  • Actualized list of countries
  • Added Updateable list in /countries.json file
  • Get countries from API

SSO works on Linux and non-IIS reverse proxies.

Fixed bug when SSO didn’t work on Linux and with non-IIS reverse proxies.

Added Generic CRUD Services

Int VC Platform Data 3.62 and later were added new classes: VirtoCommerce.Platform.Data.GenericCrud.SearchService and VirtoCommerce.Platform.Data.GenericCrud.CrudService.

They should simplify and improve the implementation of the new module development.

You can look at how to use it here:
vc-module-cart/ShoppingCartService.cs at feature/PT-1198-generic-crud · VirtoCommerce/vc-module-cart (

vc-module-cart/ShoppingCartSearchService.cs at feature/PT-1198-generic-crud · VirtoCommerce/vc-module-cart (

Added Generic UI SCROLL component

Generic UI scroll directive helps developers add dropdown lists to the UI.

The features:

  • Pagination and search;
  • Single select or multiple select;
  • Custom data source;
  • Custom filtering;
  • Events support;
  • Significantly reduced boilerplate code;
  • No more copy-paste!

The usage:

In .JS:


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