News Digest - 17 May 2021

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New Features

Dictionary Values Blade for Platform Settings Makeover

Improved UX in Dictionary Values Blade for Platform Settings to simplify the work with a big list of items, which now allows for

  • Sorting by value
  • Searching by keyword
  • In-place adding/editing
  • and more.

Duration of Virto Commerce Handler

Added the ability to log the duration of the event handlers, so that we could see possible performance degradation issues related to the event handler’s execution.

Logged parameters:

  • Module name
  • Event name
  • Handler duration in ms

It integrates with Application Insight and can be turned off/on (off by default) in the Application Settings.
Implemented with out-of-the-box ILogger functionality.

App settings:

Name: Logging:ApplicationInsights:LogLevel:VirtoCommerce.Platform.Core.Bus.InProcessBus
Value: Information


The Kusto script that allows getting information from AI telemetry in the tabular form:

union isfuzzy=true traces
| where timestamp > datetime("2021-05-05T12:25:50.115Z")
| where * has "VirtoCommerce.Platform.Core.Bus.InProcessBus"
| order by timestamp desc
| take 100
| project timestamp, Event = extract("event:([^\\s]+)", 1, message), Module = extract("module:([^\\s]+)", 1, message), Duration = extract("overall_elapsed:([0-9.]+)", 1, message)

Allowed updating Dynamic properties for Contacts via XAPI

As a Frontend Developer, you should be able to update values for dynamic properties for Contacts and Organizations via XAPI, so as to build custom UI (and submit the custom form) without backend development.

  • Simple “name-value” structure.
  • Specify "locale“ for multilingual value.
  • Ability to update only specified dynamic properties (partial update).
  • Dictionaries: pass dictionary item ID as value.

Upgraded to the latest Azure.BlobStorage


  • Migrated to the latest Azure.Storage.Blobs
  • Added async versions to all methods in IBlobStorageProvider
  • No breaking changes

Allowed to display OuterId for Organization and Contacts

Added the ability to Search by username

New Releases

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