News Digest - 28 June 2021

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Virto Commerce on Azure Functions (from Virto DevLabs)

Virto DevLabs is an outlet for experiments from Virto Commerce. Experiments that represent some of the latest ideas around developer tools. Solutions in this category are designed for broad usage and you are encouraged to use and provide feedback on them.

Step by step solution you can find here How to run platform on azure functions - Virto Commerce Documentation

New Features

Added full-text search for order documents (Preview)

  • Added full-text search for order documents.
  • By default, the Indexed order search is disabled. To enable it, add ‘Search:OrderFullTextSearchEnabled’ configuraion key to app settings and set it to true.
  • Added new index document Customer Order.


  • Developer can access full-text search via new Rest API indexed/search

Added Orders dynamic and Order Search ability in XAPI

  • Added an ability to search Customer Orders by Dynamic properties (in XAPI).
  • Used Indexed search.

OpenIddict Updated to 3.0

  • Virto Commerce updated OpenIddict from 2.0 to 3.0. One of the reason for update is that OpenIddict 2.0 is deprecated and no longer supported.
  • More lightweight due to logic decoupling.
  • All features retained: Password authorization, Client app authorization, Token sharing. Seamless update for all modules achieved.
  • Ready for .NET 5.

Added API for Country regions

  • Added Country regions Rest API. You can manage country regions and select them from the drop-down. Added region translations for German and Russian.
  • The manager can enter a custom value.
  • The developer can create provide a custom set of the regions in /countriesRegions.js. More information in the documentation: Countries management - Virto Commerce Documentation


Allowed to add custom columns to order grid via JS Script.

To add custom grid column, you need:

  1. Add extensions service for columns registration:
'platformWebApp.ui-grid.extension' as gridOptionExtension
  1. Add code snippet:
gridOptionExtension.registerExtension("customerOrder-list-grid", function (gridOptions) {
    var customColumnDefs = [
        { name: 'newField', displayName: 'orders.blades.customerOrder-list.labels.newField', width: '***' }

    gridOptions.columnDefs = _.union(gridOptions.columnDefs, customColumnDefs);
  1. Is a way to add a field to the drop-down menu without adding it to the grid - need to add visible: false to the column definition.

You can find the complete sample code here: vc-module-order/order2.js at master · VirtoCommerce/vc-module-order · GitHub

Cart module updated on using generic Virto Commerce CRUD service.

The cart module improved with using the generic Virto Commerce CRUD service.

Improved font for Russian localization

Improved font for Russian localization:

VC-Build moved to its own repository.

VC-Build moved to own repository VirtoCommerce/vc-build: VirtoCommerce Global Tool CLI (

  • Vc-build with CLI-tools documentation was moved to the own reposiotry.
  • Vc-build was updated to .NET 5
  • The workaround which downgraded dotnet version in workflows was removed
  • The Jenkins pipeline which makes documentation for was updated to retrieve the CLI-tools section from the vc-build repo
  • Added –Force parameter for VC-build which makes force git checkout. This is used to throw away local changes. Also, it disables the release approval.

New Releases

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