News Digest - January 2024

Welcome to the first Virto Commerce News Digest of 2024! Even during the holidays, we continue to improve our solutions with great dedication.


  • Redesigned Storefront UI
  • Updated xAPI and other modules
  • Marketplace enhancements


Order & xAPI

  • 3.422.0 Localizable statuses have been added to the order documents to manage status and localization without development. All the necessary filters, APIs, and services to manage localization have been added as well:

  • New query has been added to retrieve information about the available order statuses:


      orderStatuses(cultureName: "de-DE") {
        items {


      "data" {​
        "orderStatuses": {
            "items": [
                    "key": "Cancelled",
                    "value": "CancelledEN"
                    "key": "Completed",
                    "value": "Complteted"
  • The orders query has been expanded with statusDisplayValue field to return localized statuses, if any:

      orders(cultureName: "en-US")
          items {number status statusDisplayValue}

Read more and download the Order module
Read more and download the xAPI module

Cart & xAPI

Read more and download the Cart module
Read more and download the xAPI module


  • 3.423.0 An option to close a transaction has been added to restrict future capture operations against the order. Set the switch to True to close a transaction. By default, the switch is set to False.


  • 3.437.0 xAPI now provides the ability to use Native Extensibility Framework and extend a query by adding custom parameter, such as Contract id.

  • 3.438.0 Cart validation policies are now customizable to allow adding a product with zero and custom prices. ​

  • 3.406.0 A new liquid filter has been added to email templates to filter collections, such as line items. Now you can narrow down collections based on certain criteria, such as quantity or manufacturer:

  • 3.446.0 When the app setting VirtoCommerce:GraphQLPlayground:Enable is set to False, suggestions in errors have been disabled. This means that if you submit an incorrect query, you won’t receive suggestions from the GraphQL engine. This adjustment ensures a streamlined experience, preventing the display of suggestions in error scenarios when the GraphQL Playground feature is disabled:

Read more and download the xAPI module


  • 3.409.0 The Organization Name field now displays organization name to easily identify the owner of the order:

  • 3.426.0 The Shipment Search API has been added to search Shipments via API and Service by using different search criteria. The integration with ERP is now possible:

  • 3.425.0 Both shipping and payment methods are now present in the OrderChangedEvent data. PaymentMethod, OrderChangedEvent.ChangedEntries.NewEntry.InPayments are loaded before emitting the OrderChangedEvent. Similarly, the ShippingMethod in OrderChangedEvent.ChangedEntries.NewEntry.Shipments is also loaded in advance, ensuring comprehensive and accurate information within the event:

Read more and download the Order module

ElasticSearch 8

3.204.0 ElasticSearch 8 has been improved with the integration of Hybrid mode and support for Third-party ML models. The relevance had been heightened by combining the Search By Keyword method with the efficiency of semantic search:

Read more and download the Elastic Search 8 module


  • 3.261.17 We have revamped the image attachment process for a more user-friendly experience. In the top toolbar, you’ll now find distinct buttons dedicated to adding images. You can now upload images directly from storage, add external links, or include links to an image from our library:

  • 3.261.17 We have also introduced the catalog:add-external-image permission. Now administrators can manage and control permissions related to adding external images. Furthermore, a notable update has been implemented to prioritize security – only HTTPS links are now permitted for image attachments.

Read more and download the Catalog module


Template for platform password recovery is now customizable:

Read more and download the Notification module


View the enhancements on public demo site

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  • An option to publish the main product with the first offer has been added. Now the offers are displayed not as variations of the product. For this pusrpose, the createVariationForFirstOffer setting has been added:

  • An option to set an offer as default one to be displayed for the product has been added:


New articles have been added to the documentation: