July 2024 News Digest

Welcome to the July edition of our News Digest, showcasing the latest updates and enhancements in Virto Commerce solutions.


  • Stable Bundle 9 release.
  • New Push messages feature.
  • Enhanced Marketplace UX/UI.

:fire: Stable Bundle 9

The stable bundle 9 has been released to include features and improvements we have been working on for the past four months:

1.60.0 Theme

You can create custom category page via headless CMS to override the default category page:

1.60.0 Theme + 3.809.0 Customer

Now you can set the default currency and the default language for your account in the Platform:

And in the Storefront:

1.61.0 Theme

  • Product variations can now be displayed as a table or as a list for easier decision making:


  • Zooming and scaling cannot now be disabled to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Currently, this applies to the login page, Catalog, and Cart pages. By expanding this feature, Virto Commerce will ensure that it meets legal accessibility standards and provides a better experience for all users, especially those with visual impairments.

3.832.0 Platform

  • The Platform’s main menu now lists some of the available modules by default for first-time users. You can adjust the number of items in the menu to suit your needs later.

  • The administrators now have the option to disable the Virto Commerce Back Office UI for a specific environment. The environments that do not require a UI component now have an additional layer of security that prevents unauthorized access to the administrative interface.

3.803.0 Azure Search

The blue-green indexing is now supported by the Azure Search module.

Read more about Blue-Green Indexing

3.815.0 Quote

An Incomplete Quote warning appears when a quote is missing items or has a zero total:


3.807.0 Push Messages

3.808.0 Push Messages

Push messages can now be sent in web browsers via the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) solution:


Read more about messaging via FCM


  • The Operator portal now supports multiple price tags. Similar to the Vendor portal, you can now edit prices, assign them to various user groups, and set their validity period:


  • Orders can now be edited in the Vendor portal:


  • You can now see available actions after hovering, each action being provided with a tooptip:

  • An option to upload user photo has been added:


  • The main menu UX has been redesigned:


  • The widget area UX has been redesigned:


  • Multi-selection in tables has been redesigned:


For more information, request a demo

VC Shell

  • The table layout has been restructured from using traditional <table> tags to a flexbox layout. Flexbox layout allows for more flexible and simpler adjustments and customizations compared to the rigid structure of HTML tables.
  • The onCellBlur event has been added. It triggers when a table cell loses focus while in edit mode, allowing for better control over data entry and validation processes within table cells.
  • Table actions are now displayed as icons with tooltips, visible on each row hover. Tooltips provide additional context and information about each action, improving user understanding and interaction.
  • The capability to modify the text and localization settings for the column switcher dropdown has been added to support multiple languages and regional settings, making the platform more accessible to a global audience.
  • Empty table state for mobile view has been introduced to provide a clear and user-friendly message when no data is available in the table, enhancing the user experience on mobile devices.

Explore new VC Shell features and capabilities


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