June 2024 News Digest

Welcome to the June edition of our News Digest, highlighting the latest updates and improvements in Virto Commerce solutions.


  • The ability to define optional dependencies between VC modules.
  • Enhanced push messages management.
  • Streamlined quote requesting process.

:warning: Breaking Changes

Please ensure your platform and modules are updated to at least the following versions:

  • VirtoCommerce.ExperienceApi v3.828.0
  • VirtoCommerce.Store v3.803.0
  • Platform v3.825.0

If you plan to use builder.io, make sure that VirtoCommerce.BuilderIO is installed and configured in the platform settings.

1.58.0 Theme

  • The file attachment widget has been redesigned to be consistent with the UI kit and other file widgets:

    On click, videos open in a new window, other documents start downloading.

  • The addresses marked as favorite automatically appear at the top of the address list in the Company Info section and during checkout:

  • The Approve/ Decline quote buttons have been added so that users can create orders from the quote or see a decline.

  • After a quote has been approved or declined, users can still view the originally attached files. This ensures access to complete quote data at every step of the process.​

  • At checkout, the CVV must be entered every time, even if the payment card has been previously saved. This ensures compliance with all security payment requirements.

  • The quantity validation error in the cart has been redesigned for greater clarity and readability:

1.59.0 Theme

  • When creating custom pages in Builder.io, you can now upload custom blocks directly from our frontend application. We’ve also added new blocks, such as Slider, to enhance functionality. Each element is fully customizable.

  • Additionally, blocks can be imported from Figma. Simply select the desired block (for example, Might be interesting) in Figma, and click Copy to Builder:

    Then, in Builder.io, paste the selected block into the desired location:


  • Google Analytics event flow for sales funnels has been changed. To make it easier for marketers, several events that can be tracked by Google Analytics have been added.

    Read more about improved Google Analytics tracking

View the enhancements on public demo site

3.824.0 Platform

  • A new summer background has been been added:

  • The ability to define optional dependencies between VC modules has been added. This feature allows administrators to install modules based on specific demands and requirements. For example, you can now install Catalog module without Export or BulkActionsModule if they are not required for your deployment:

    Read more about adding optional dependencies

3.829.0 Platform

The Virto Commerce Platform has extended the IEventHandlerRegistrar interface with new methods: UnregisterEventHandler and ClearAll. These additions give developers more control over event handling by allowing them to unregister specific event handlers or clear all event handlers. This flexibility is useful for overriding default behavior or dynamically adjusting event handling logic. Here’s how the new methods can be used:

  • Unregister a specific handler:

    appBuilder.UnregisterEventHandler<UserLoginEvent, LogChangesUserChangedEventHandler>();

    This removes a specific handler (LogChangesUserChangedEventHandler) for the UserLoginEvent.

  • Unregister all handlers for a specific event:


    This removes all handlers associated with the UserLoginEvent.

  • Unregister all handlers for all events:


    This removes all handlers for all events, effectively clearing all event handling logic.

Platform and Modules

Virto Commerce has introduced a new feature to enhance security by updating critical dependencies to their latest versions using an automation script. This update targets the elimination of security vulnerabilities within the platform’s modules. The specific packages updated are:

  • Npgsql to version 8.0.3
  • Npgsql.EntityFrameworkCore.PostgreSQL to version 8.0.2
  • Microsoft.Identity.Client to version 4.61.0
  • Pomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql to version 8.0.2

These updates ensure that the modules are using the latest secure versions of these libraries, protecting the platform from known vulnerabilities and enhancing overall security.

3.805.0 Push messages

The module has received a new menu that includes the following items:

  • Drafts to revise message before publishing.
  • Scheduled messages to send messages on a specified day and time.
  • Track new recipients to send a specific message to new users without resending it to existing ones.

Read more about managing push messages

3.831.0 xAPI

  • A new setting has been added to enable or disable the automatic selection of all products and gifts in the cart for checkout:

    If enabled, all items will be automatically selected for checkout:

3.810.0 Content

The new feature in Virto Commerce Page Builder allows you to create pages with different localizations using the same URL. This means you can have multiple versions of a page, each tailored to a different language or regional preference, all accessible through a single, consistent URL. This improves the user experience by automatically displaying the appropriate version of the page based on the user’s language or region.

3.806.0 Elastic Search 8

The module functionality has been extended with the Blue/Green indexation feature. This allows to rebuild your search index without disrupting the search functionality for your stores. This means you can perform index updates or rebuilds in a separate “blue” or “green” environment, then switch over to the new index once it’s ready. This approach ensures continuous availability and reliability of the search experience for users, even during index maintenance or updates:

3.804.0 Subscription

When this module is installed, the public property Enable can be accessed via the store query. This means that you can check whether the subscription functionality is enabled for a store by querying this property, making it easier to manage and configure subscription options across different stores.

    store(storeID: "B2B-store", cultureName: "en-US") {
            modules{moduleId settings {name value} }
    "data": {
        "store": {
            "storeID": "B2B-store",
            "settings": {
            "modules": [
                  "moduleID": "VirtoCommerce.Subscription",
                  "settings": [
                         "name": "Subscription.EnableSubscriptions",
                         "value": true


  • Offer SKU uniqueness is now now checked within the same vendor:

  • .heic and .webp formats are now supported.

  • In the Operator portal, the product details blade has been updated. By default, it now displays the product description fields in read-only mode. To edit these fields, click Open in Vendor portal in the toolbar. This will open the Vendor portal, where you can make the necessary changes:

  • Tax total and Shipping total fields have been added to the Order blade in the Vendor portal.

  • Radio buttons have been added to the Orders blade:

  • The button for selecting visible columns now only appears on hover. This ensures that the column names and their contents are always visible and never obscured by the button itself:

  • Multiple price tags are now supported when creating Offers:

    Now you can create special prices for specific user groups without creating default prices.

For more information, request a demo

VC Shell

  • Edit mode is now supported for blades and vc-tables:
    Sprint-Demo -09

  • If a user uploads an image with an existing name, a corresponding number is automatically added to the end to create a unique filename:

    vc-shell-2 (online-video-cutter.com)

  • The unsaved changes banner now appears after any modification is made. Additionally, the dot to the left of the header serves as another notification of the unsaved changes:


  • The right blade now behaves differently—it replaces the last open blade. For example, when you click on breadcrumbs in the left blade, the right blade updates accordingly:

    blade-replacement (online-video-cutter.com)

  • The vc-table component has been updated as follows:

    • Support for table editing has been added.
    • Ability to set validation rules for editable fields has been implemented.
    • New props have been introduced:
      • addNewRowButton with a customizable title allows adding new rows to the table.
      • removeRowButton adds a column with a delete row action.
    • Empty table templates have been moved to the table body, ensuring column names are now visible:

  • Calendar/ date-picker has been updated for date and datetime-local types:

  • The App login page has been designed:

  • New controls for creating filters (vc-select, vc-radio-button-group)​ have been added to dynamic views grid filter. The vc-select control supports multi-select mode:


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