News Digest - June 2023

news digest

This post introduces Virto Storefront and Platform enhancements as of June 2023.

Today’s highlights are:

  • VC stable release 5.
  • Storefront search and UX enhancements.
  • Hotjar integration.
  • Seq log integration.
  • Various xAPI module improvements.
  • Payment capture documents.

Stable Release 5

We are happy to announce a verified and published Stable Bundle 5. This release brings a range of enhancements and updates that will elevate your Virto Commerce experience.
You can download the package.json file containing the list of versions included in the Stable Release Bundle.


  • Login on behalf function has been enhanced. It no longer requires logging out and logging back in every time you wish to impersonate another user.

  • A Save changes button has been added to Wishlists:

  • Order statuses design has been enhanced:

  • Catalog search totals are now displayed after the search page is fully downloaded:

  • Catalog step added to Breadcrumbs:

  • Search by country name suggests the most relevant country first.

  • Several enhancements have been implemented in the facets section. When the number of values exceeds 10, a search function now appears within the facets. Additionally, the facets menu remains affixed to the left sidebar while scrolling through catalog items, using a sticky feature.


View the enhancements on public demo site

Read more and install Storefront.



We have introduced a new integration with Hotjar. This integration enables you to assign a Hotjar Site ID to a store and gain valuable insights into the shopping behavior of your users. With features such as Heatmaps, Recordings, Feedback, and more, you can better understand and analyze user interactions on your site.

Install the Hotjar module
Read more about the Hotjar module

Seq log

The Seq lg module allows you to centralize and analyze log data generated by various logging libraries and frameworks. Seq provides a web-based interface for searching, filtering, and visualizing log events, making it easier to monitor and troubleshoot applications.

Install the Seg log module
Read more about the Seq log module


The xAPI module has undergone several improvements, including the following:

Hidden properties:
The XAPI now ensures that hidden properties are not accessible by default when performing a query to remove all products. This feature adds an extra layer of security and privacy by preventing unauthorized access to hidden properties.

Line item statuses:
The XAPI introduces a new option to request line item statuses for orders and order queries. With this feature, users can retrieve detailed information about the status of individual line items within an order. This provides better visibility and tracking of order fulfillment and allows for more granular management of orders.

Provider page search:
The XAPI now supports the addition of a pages query to enhance the functionality of provider page search. This feature enables users to search for specific pages within the provider, making it easier to locate and manage content pages.

Product filter in child categories query:
A product filter has been added to the childCategories query. This enhancement allows users to apply filters based on product existence when querying for child categories. Users can now retrieve categories that contain specific products or exclude categories that do not have any associated products.

Product suggestion query:
ProductSuggestions query has been added to enhance the search experience. This feature is designed to provide users with relevant and helpful suggestions as they perform searches within the specified store. The productSuggestions feature supports multiple search providers, including Elastic App Search, Elasticsearch, and Azure Search.

Install the xAPI module


The option to hide the tax provider is now available. This feature can be beneficial for partners who wish to disable the default addition of the FixedRateTaxProvider. It is now possible to remove or hide it from the list of selectable tax providers.

Install the tax module with the tax provider hiding feature


The indexing of products and categories now incurs significantly lower memory consumption.

Install the Catalog module


An addition has been made to the Orders functionality: the inclusion of a Payment Capture document.

This new feature serves several purposes:

  • Integration Developers can utilize a Capturing API to capture payments (both single and partial) and integrate it into their applications.
  • Sales Reps can use the Virto Commerce Back Office to capture payments and access Payment Capture Documents for integration into their applications.
  • Store owners can rely on this feature to prevent the creation of duplicate payment capture transactions via API during the capturing process.

Install the Orders module


Marketplace has been enhanced with the addition of useful functions:

For more information, request a demo.


Several enhancements have been introduced to the Shell to improve its usability and efficiency.

  • Blade navigation has been improved. Now you only need to send one blade using a function instead of sending two blades to open two blades. Additionally, wherever components are sent, their component props can be used, which simplifies the developers’ job by eliminating the need to refer to the originals.

  • Popup handling system with proper typing has been created. With the new approach it is easier to work with numerous popups. Additionally, the new system allows you to see what is being sent or received without the need to open the popup, which enhances usability and makes it more convenient to work with popups.

  • Browser notifications have been redesigned:

  • Import and import components are now a separate library and they have been included into a separate application.

  • Push notification can now be handled in modules:

  • Vc-table/vc-select have been refactored to generic components:

  • Vc-app scaffolding tool has been created:

Read more and install VC Shell