News Digest - 11 July 2022

Today’s Highlights Are:

  • Virto Storefront Updates
  • Payment`s XAPI Updates
  • Shipment REST API Updates
  • Improve notifications edit & preview
  • Platform Identity Management Service: Preview

Virto Storefront Updates

The Virto Storefront Team has done a lot of work this month. Visible visual changes reflect the concept of transitioning the platform into a full-fledged marketplace for a comfortable position.

This process will be visible when viewing the new category and product pages. Users will find it easier and more convenient to navigate due to the sliders and stock labels.

The Storefront Team also optimized displays for mobile devices: phones and tablets. The storefront team has improved the mobile version’s search for products and categories by adding filter combination logic. When you select one of the filters, the available combinations are loaded immediately.

Such little things as the ability to remember the user, functional compact and intuitive header, and handy tooltips when searching for products or categories - all help users and simplifies the work of the platform admins.

For example, employees with admin access can assign stock labels. It improves the user experience. Here’s an example of bringing everyday user experience into the work environment. We’ve added the ability to share a link to a product page on social networks, simplifying the interaction between co-workers within the same company and with partners.

The visualization of the payment process has been improved. Now the validity of the card is checked and immediately highlighted by tooltips.

Explore the work of Virto Commerce Storefront & B2B Mercury theme

Initialization and authorization of payment are supported for in XAPI

The team made two mutations to support payments in XAPI, and this work is just as closely related to the update of our storefront. These migrations solve two problems:

  • as a Frontend Developer, I want to initiate payment processing so customers can pay for the order.
  • as a Frontend Developer, I want to authorize Payment from Html Form so that I can finalize the first step of the payment processing.

With the new flow, we don’t get the form from the backend immediately, but we get a list of public parameters we need to render the form (call-back URL, etc.). The form is rendered on the storefront side, which allows us to make a different form for each payment type.

We also added a new mutation addOrUpdateOrderPayment for adding or updating order payment documents. It allows switching payment methods after the order has been created, as well as updating the documents in the order.

Update shipment REST API

Sometimes Users need to update the shipping method of the order, and sometimes it must be done for several customers at once. To ensure that when you update the shipping method, the new data doesn’t affect the whole order, we added a new API.

This new API gets the shipment object of the order. It allows you to update the shipment document without updating the entire order and overwriting other shipments.

How it works:

Improve notifications edit & preview

Creating new notification options is now much more convenient.
The notification preview will display the preview as it is sent to the user.

Added the ability to add test data for notification as a JSON file. This lets you get an accurate, adequate view of the notification template.

Also added is the ability to share a preview of the notification. You can send a test e-mail by entering your e-mail address. So you can check how the notification is displayed in e-mail and on different devices.

Platform Identity Management Service: Preview

Our team is working on the authorization service feature, which will allow you to log in to the client’s offline applications using the platform accounts and call the API.

This allows you to connect via platform accounts instead of creating your new authentication forms every time.