News Digest - 7 March 2022

Today’s highlights are:

  • Preview for RMA Module
  • Add Blog Pages to Sitemap
  • Virto Commerce CLI 3.1 Released
  • Vue Storefront Theme MVP Released

Preview for RMA / Return Management Module

Virto Commerce is developing a new RMA Module. The Return Management module by Virto Commerce gives you an opportunity to view and manage all return operations. Once a customer returns an item to your store, this information will appear on the Return screen, where you can view and sort the return list.

You can see List of all customer order returns:

Order Manager can add customer order return from the returns list.

  1. Clicks “Make return” button, selects desired order

  2. Selects line items of this order to be returned and fills in return reason, quantity and price. Quantity and price are equal to the order’s ones by default. Quantity field has validation: it is unable to make return with negative, zero or exceeding the order’s one quantity.

  3. Click Create Return document

You can find code and preview version on VirtoCommerce/vc-module-return: Product return management module (

Add Blog Pages to Sitemap

We added possibility to add blogs and blog pages to the sitemap. Manager can add entire blog with all pages by checking the folder or select separate pages be folder opening.

Virto Commerce CLI 3.1 Released

We have released Virto Commerce CLI (vc-build) 3.1.

  • Added SetHelmParameter Target (#46)
  • Add support for protected parameters (#43)
  • Add support for advanced section (#42)
  • Fix for protected parameters (#47)
  • Fix .nuke directory creation (#45)
  • Fix log output (#44)
  • Minor fixes (#48)

Run this command to install update

dotnet tool update VirtoCommerce.GlobalTool -g

Read more details on Virto Commerce CLI Documentation

Vue Storefront Theme MVP Released

Theme was improved with Gifts, Reorder, Suggestions, Bulk Order, etc.

Please look on following screenshots:


Reorder from Order details


Search By Keywords

Account Profile

Static Pages

Bulk Order

You can find code, how to install, etc. on VirtoCommerce/vue-starter-theme (