News Digest - 4 April 2022

Today’s Highlights Are:

  • New Innovative Search Providers: Preview
  • Return Module Released
  • Product Rating and Reviews Module Released
  • Virto Commerce CLI 3.2 Released
  • New Gift Validation Feature
  • Vue Storefront Theme Updated

New Innovative Search Provider Preview

Here at Virto, we believe that effective ecommerce websites are focused on two main points: helping customers to quickly find what they are looking for and providing them with what they ordered as quickly as possible.

We already have integrations with the best of the bread Elasticsearch and Azure Search engines to create an exceptional user experience. These engines provide a lot of flexibility for customization to developers. At the same time, these tools do not enable analyzing user behaviour and calibrating search relevance, both online and for the end customers.

Currently, we are testing a new search engine that brings the real-time search analytics and relevance tuning to a whole new level.

We invite you to download, install, and play with our preview version of Elastic App Search Module and Algolia Search Module.

Both providers get complete visibility into user behaviour with analytics that shows you what needs improvement and how to meet your goals. It uses an intuitive interface to calibrate search relevance. Create synonym sets, reorder results for a given query, and assign weights and boosts to fine-tune the overall precision.

RMA Module Released

The return module by Virto Commerce gives you an opportunity to view and manage all return operations. Once a customer returns an item to your store, this information will appear on the Return screen, where you can view and sort the return list. To learn more on our Return nodule, visit our GitHub repository.

The Return module has a direct dependency on the Order and Customer modules, so make sure to have them installed before you proceed to installing the Return module.

Key features:

  • Submitting a new return (both from the return list and from the order view)
  • Updating existing returns
  • Multi-return capability for each single order
  • Viewing related returns
  • Moderating and checking returns

Product Rating and Reviews Module Released

The Product Rating and Reviews module allows your customers to add reviews and ratings to products. To learn more on this module, visit our Github repository

To manage customer ratings and reviews, moderate content, and collect information before publishing it live, you can use the Admin Portal.

Note: 70% of online shoppers say reviews are a decision maker for a purchase.

Key features:

  • Submitting product reviews
  • Updating the existing product reviews
  • Getting products ratings
  • Viewing products reviews
  • Multi-store capability with every store having its own review for the same product
  • Moderating and checking reviews
  • Configurable rating calculator, both average and Wilson
  • Email review reminder for customers who purchased products prompting them to come back and leave a review

Virto Commerce CLI 3.2 Released

Virto Commerce CLI 3.2 brings a new features:

  • Bundles support (#50)
  • WaitFor target (#51)
  • Indent to XML serialization (#49)

Gifts Validation Feauture

The cart now validates gift availability: if the inventory count is less than the gift product quantity or the gift product does not have a price, the gifts will not be displayed.

Update of Vue Storefront Theme

Our Vue Storefront Theme has been improved with:

  • Anonymous checkout support
  • The Products Cannot Be Purchased message
  • Actions on the address page
  • Keyword search in Orders
  • Bulk order pad
  • Displaying values in the product filter blocks
  • Back To Top button
  • Loading the Products menu from link lists
  • Localization
  • Company registration
  • Compare Products feature
  • Adding products to wish lists
    You can find more details here

The screen captures below show most of these improvements:

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