How can I stop an unexpected Virto Commerce modules update?

Virto Commerce Admin UI allows to see and install update of modules. When you upgrade modules, downtime is required. We recommend to use Deployments Best Practices like Azure Slots and update to the new version of a module in production with zero downtime.

To stop an unexpected Virto Commerce modules update on the production, you can use:

  1. Role-base security (recommended)
  2. Change Modules Data Sources

Role-base security (recommended)

  1. Go to Security > Roles.
  2. Create a Custom role and Assign required permissions.
  3. Remove at least platforn:modules:manage permission.


Change Modules Data Sources

Override VirtoCommerce:ModulesDataSources application setting with empty string.

The VirtoCommerce:ModulesDataSources parameter defines the available data sources for VC modules management. When you set empty string, you prevent load latest modules manifest.

You can use Azure Configuration > Application settings

or change web.config file:

<add key="VirtoCommerce:ModulesDataSources" value="" />

Keeping your Virto Commerce Solutions Up-to-Date

Just like Web and the entire web ecosystem, Virto Commerceis continuously improving. Virto Commerce balances continuous improvement with a strong focus on stability and making updates easy. Keeping your Virto Commerce Solutions up-to-date enables you to take advantage of leading-edge new features, as well as optimizations and bug fixes.

We recommend updating Virto Commerce Platform and Modules every sprint. List of latest release you can find in Weekly News Digests and GitHub.

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