How to install module from private repository?

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently working to create ci/cd pipeline.

I have a custom module manifest file.json and in several private repo.

How to do vc-build install and download from private repo?

I have check the source code and was not able to find way to pass github token.

From vc-build source, I can identify that it can download the manifest file since it use the -github-token parameter CMIIW

However it unable to install the module because it’s not able to download the file from private release repo.

Any roadmap to update this code in platform so that it read and use the github token:

Attached the error and command that I execute:

Perhaps I miss something?

Try to use asset api as an url for module zip(Releases - GitHub Docs) instead of browser download url.
Or as an alternative there is new format of vc-package.json in new versions of vc-build, where you can have GithubPrivateRepo section with private modules
for example:

   "Id": "vc-some-private-repo",
   "Version": "3.1.0"

Hi Dimitri,

I have decide to develop custom apps to download the release asset using github api and extract the zip into virto modules folder.

Using this approach the module is installed successfully.

Just a quick question, is it ok just extract the content into module folder in virto platform?

Because I see some module binary are also inside app_data folder after vc-build install.

Hi @krankenbro ,

Can you answer my question above ?

Yes, it is. The platform will move some binaries to app_data/modules directory after start

Ok, thanks for confirming.
It means my approach is Correct.