How to make Pages/Blogs work?

Through the Content module, I create html Pages/Blogs and then trying to open the pages/blogs through the storefront site, it is always returned with 404 page.
The contact page of the demo site also returns with 404 page. How should we have a simple html contact page that works?


  1. Make sure you have the PageBuilderModule installed
  2. Follow the video: PageBuilder.Add_new_page

Thank @NaMax66 for the info!

I see that the PageBuilderModule repository has been withdrawn from publish, but unfortunately, I have not any previous version of it.
The PageBuilderModule has its rich UI help to produce pages (I think) in a structured json format desired to work in the newest version of the Storefront, but there is no handling for the simple Html pages (in .md extension).

Although access to the source code is closed, but you can install it from the administrative panel. But I have it installed with errors. Most likely through my fault, it takes time to figure it out

No, it is neither available through the administrative panel. I am on the latest platform version 3.400.0 I do not see it is listed.

Thank @volanar for the screenshot!
It looks like I must upgrade the platform to 3.410.0 as your so that the Page Builder will be available for.
But another chance is that you had tried install this module before it was withdrawn, and now it is available locally (to your current platform site):
May @OlegoO can help to verify this?

Thank All!

It turned out that the page builder module is not compatible with postgresql. Since postgres is the best, let’s wait for compatibility updates

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I am happy to confirm that Today (after our holiday days :slight_smile: ) I see the Page Builder module version 3.400.0 gets available for installing

Thank you @volanar! Thank Virto Commerce Team!

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I don’t see much point in hiding the page builder source code. For example, magento opened the source code of the builder, but this did not save her. For platforms with a high entry threshold, the main problem is support. The more users use the platform, the more actively the community itself develops it😼