How to Visually Distinguish Demo, Prod and Other Environments in Virto Commerce Admin Panel

You could find many stories in IT forums about how admins and developers confused the environment in which they worked, and this led to the loss of data, incorrect orders in ecommerce and in many other ways negatively affected the brand’s finance and reputation. People themselves are not perfect and can make mistakes, and besides, there are situations of time pressure or just getting tired at the end of the working day.

In addition, such errors are difficult to correct. You can’t be completely sure that a serious admin or developer setback can be fixed by restoring the state of the production environment using a backup. Quite often it turns out that the last backup was created several hours or even days before the failure event, and all later data is lost anyway.

So, the idea is to design a simple solution to visually distinguish between Dev, QA, Demo and Production environments within Virto Commerce application and software development environment for admins and developers on partner or client side.

Here you can find backgrounds for DEV, QA and Production environments which can be installed for Virto Commerce Platform.

How to install:

  1. Select and Download Image File.
  2. Open Virto Commerce Admin.
  3. Select Settings > Theme settings > Login Screen.
  4. Select Choose background and upload file.

Also, you can set login background via configuration file:
User guide - Configuration - Virto Commerce Documentation in LoginPageUI node.

As Result, you will have




If you use your own backgrounds, please share with us.