How we estimate Readiness and Development Effort

When we estimate Request for proposal (RFP), we use Readiness and Development Efforts.

  • Readiness - the existence of enablers in the platform.
  • Development Efforts - how much efforts required to implement.


The readiness can be:

  • out-of-the-box
  • high - either feature or enabler to implement this requirement is available.
  • medium - we have experience and best practices on how to implement it properly in a custom solution.
  • low - we don’t have any enablers.

Development Efforts

The development efforts can be:

  • none - this requirement doesn’t require any development, only configuration.
  • low - small customization is required, the extension can be a good place for implementation.
  • medium - enabler is available but the business process and feature should be implemented by the developer. Usually around 1 sprint for 1 developer.
  • high - the custom development is required. Usually more than 1 sprint for 1 developer. A good point to verify business requirement to understand it better.