Integrating some Modules into already existing Dotnet Core project

Hello everybody!
I am just starting my Master thesis so please do forgive me if my question is inherently stupid. I am working with this company who already have an existing website/system built on dotnet core as the backend and react/remix as frontend, although this relates mostly to the backend part. They “simply” want me to start the development of a webstore for selling spare parts on their website, we kind of settled on trying to use some opensource ecommerce framework and i am liking virto commerce so far(have not really done anything except getting it to run locally).

So to to my question, is it possible to kind of take some of the virto commerce platform modules and kind of integrate them into the existing backend? There is already users on the existing backend, and it would also be nice if that data could somehow be consumed by the virto commerce platform as some data needed for filtering products are tied to the user.

I don’t know how much my question makes sense, but do feel free to ask for clarification if it does not.

Thanks for any answer
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Yes, it’s possible to integrate Virto Commerce with the current ecosystem.

  1. Deploy and run Virto Commerce instance: Here are a few options: on the same machine, in the cloud or using Virto Cloud hosting with OOTB Virto Commerce infrastructure.
  2. Use XAPI (GraphQL) or Rest API to call Virto Commerce from your backend.
  3. Create a custom VC module and run your C# code.

.NET and C# stack simplify developer onboarding and custom feature development.

Look at the theme schema, it demonstrates both approaches: